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Listing GuideLines:

  • 1) Write content for humans. NOT Bots.
  • 2) Post your listings in the appropriate category.
  • 3) You are entitled one do-follow link. Please make good use of it.
  • 4) High Quality Images are preferred. Upload an image of at least 1000px * 1000px for quality listing showcase.
  • 5) Ads with no contact information will be automatically drawn from account.
  • 6) Ads with specific intentions and focused content receive more attention.
  • 7) Title length should be within 50 characters and below.
  • 8) Content Length should be at least 100 characters or above.
  • 9) Give short precise url for the ad.
  • 10) Ensure state and city of classified listing corresponds to selected country.

Things you can write about:

  • 1) Introduce your Product or Service.
  • 2) What are you selling? Is it an Offer or a new product launch?
  • 3) Why would anyone buy from you? Why is this better?
  • 4) Who is this for?
  • 5) Where are you selling from? Local? Global? Where to buy?
  • 6) How can people buy it from you?

Prohibited Listings:

  • 1) Ads related to Pills, Drugs, Medications
  • 2) Money loan and Lending ads.
  • 3) Work from home ads.